Winter floods damaged 15,000 homes and businesses

Last year’s winter floods damaged 15,000 homes and businesses. What will this years bring?

Winter floods | over 50's informative news and adviceIn 2015 around 15,000 homes and businesses were damaged across the north of England. A survey by the Local Government Association showed that, in total, 15,237 homes and businesses had extensive damage due to the winter floods. This was just in eight areas.

  • Cumbria: 6,568 homes and 897 businesses
  • Leeds: 298 homes and 375 businesses
  • Calderdale: 2,135 homes and 945 businesses
  • Lancashire: 2,090 homes and 533 businesses
  • North Yorkshire: 404 homes and 96 businesses
  • York: 350 homes and 157 businesses
  • Northumberland: 197 homes and 90 businesses
  • Kirklees: 37 homes and 65 businesses

Each of the city councils have stated that they have been working throughout the year to  help those affected and they will keep helping them until the matter is resolved. They have been collecting household items which have been ruined by the winter floods.

Each of the council leaders have asked the government to create and develop a future flood defence strategy in order to stop or decrease the amount of damage. The council leaders have also asked the government to create mandatory anti-flood requirements in new builds. This will range from raising electrical sockets/wires to raised damp courses.

Martian Tett, who is a spokesman for the LGA, said “Councils are doing everything they can to protect households and businesses from the possibility of further devastating flooding this winter. Such was the severity of last year’s storms, some councils, who have experienced significant reductions to their core funding, are still helping residents to recover even now. Councils know their local areas and are best placed to help families get back on their feet. The Government must be more flexible in its approach to flood funding”

He then added that by developing this fund, local areas will be able to support projects that protect key roads/bridges that will keep businesses and residents safe and mobile.

The government conducted a flood resilience review on the winter storms in order to find out the cost of materials such as barriers and high volume water pumps. The government concluded that, in total, all the materials cost around £12.5 million. The review also showed that winter monthly rainfall could increase by 20% -30% in some parts of the country.

This means that in a few years there is a chance of a similar event or the event could be bigger than it was previously if we do not take action.

A government spokesman stated “We have already provided almost £300 million to help householders and businesses get back on their feet and we continue to work with local councils to help those affected. Our record £2.5 billion investment will better protect 300,000 homes from flooding by 2021 and we’re working closely with local councils, utility companies and residents to develop solutions tailored to local communities.”

Have you been affected in the past and if so what measures have you taken to prevent flooding this year? Please let us know.

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