Where has all the good customer service gone?

Struggling to find good customer service?

suggerling with good customer serviceAre you like me in wondering where has all the good customer service gone? Am I the only person who seems to have a daily battle wherever I go to get, not only what I went for, but at the price advertised and the good customer service we all deserve.

Over the past week there have been several instances I am sure you will all relate to. On a recent trip to Sainsburys I went for the “Indian Meal Deal” from the deli counter (mains, sides, naan bread, rice etc) only to be told the offer wasn’t available as they had no naan breads.  Even without the naan bread it was still a good deal but I still couldn’t have it because the tills need all the products to allow them to apply the offer discount. So even though I was prepared to take less it would cost me more! Its not only Sainsburys but most of the supermarkets are guilty of this. If see a Buy 1 get 2 Free offer but only want 2 not 3 you will have to pay full price for both. Not only does this not make sense but is adding to the ever increasing amount of waste we produce as a nation.

After taking my father this week to a well known high street opticians we left feeling we “Shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers”. Following his eye test there was a slight alteration in his prescription and we looked at the frames available in store. Not finding any frames he liked he asked how much would it cost to have new lenses but in his existing frames. Barring in mind with their 2 for 1 offer he could have got 2 pairs of bifocals and frames for £120, we were astounded when the shop assistant said £160 for 2 lots of lenses. We asked is there was any difference in these lenses to the ones provided in the 2 for 1 offer only to be told no difference at all but as we are not taking there frames it costs more. I regard myself as a fairly intelligent person but I still can’t understand why it costs more when we were saving them the cost of frames.

My final example of not so good customer service comes from a well know pizza chain, Dominoes. I received a voucher in the post on Monday 5th October and ordered some pizzas on the 8th October. You can imagine my surprise and “delight!” when I was informed when I went to collect the pizzas that (in the small print) the offer had finished the day before I received it, the 4th October. You guessed it, they didn’t allow me the offer. You would have thought a company the size of Dominoes would be able to get their marketing right.

From what I remember things were never use to be this bad. I could go on and on but next time I tell you about some actual good customer service.
by Simon from Leeds

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