Turn your photographs into comics for a novel display

The comic book is still a very popular format for storytelling, and with a number of blockbuster movies featuring superheroes from Captian America to Superman the comic book style will continue to be a trendy way to present a story and images.

Everyone has a story to tell, it can be about a day at the seaside or, watching a sporting event, or even a person’s journey through childhood. Whatever the subject matter there is something to say and an audience we would like to present it to.

Producing a comic style story is a lot easier than we might imagine, and below are some simple guidelines for any photographer to create a unique way to present photographs.

It can always be a little challenging to come up with novel ways to display photographs, so using techniques to engage the viewer can make our photographs more appealing. Turning photographs into comics can sound like a daunting task, but the reality is quite different!

Simply follow the rules of thumb below and you will create something quite memorable.

Select your Photographs / Subject / Story

Utilise photographs previously taken and modify them into comic style presentation, or shoot new images specifically to illustrate and present in the comic book style. Once you have made the choice the images need to be downloaded to a PC or Mac. It may be that your selected images are only in print format if so then scanning the images to your computer will provide the material you require.

Comic book Software

Turn photographs into comics | over 50 photo newsThere are a number of paid and free comic book software programmes that will help you transform your photos into the comic book style presentation you wish to create. The choice of programme will be determined by personal preference and is beyond thew scope of this article. In principle, the software programmes will have many similarities employing “titles” and “templates” which allow you to choose the page and panel layout.

Now you can begin to place images into the sequence you choose, and also adjust your images to fit the panels, you can rotate, resize, or flip direction to give you your desired effect. Speech balloons and captions are essential to comics, and the various software programmes will allow you to select where they are placed, their size and shape as well as the text you employ. A little experimentation will match the text to the tone of the images.

Once you have achieved your comic book look you can save the file to allow you to either print onto good quality paper or card, attach and send by email, or upload the file to the internet to one of the many photo websites that will print and bind your file into a book!

Some comic book software programmes will “talk” you through each step of the process for laying out your comic, adding text, using clip art, and applying different techniques to adjust the look of your project. In fact, all you need to do is take the photographs!

The end result will be a unique personalised presentation of your images in the comic format that you can email, frame, or even have bound into a coffee-table book.

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