Travis Perkins will shut down 30 branches

600 jobs will be lost when Travis Perkins shuts 30 branches

Travis Perkins | Silver Surfers newsTravis Perkins was founded in 1797 and it went by the name Ingram Perkins. Then 1988 it became Travis Perkins plc. Then 25 years later, in 2006, the company opened its 1000th branch. Then last year the company opened its 2000th branch

The company has been Britain’s biggest supplier of building materials for years however the company has recently announced that it will be closing down 30 branches. Which will result in 600 jobs being lost. The company, which owns the high street chain Wicks, has stated that the profits will be lower than expected this year. They have blamed this disappointing performance on the plumbing and heating business.

Travis Perkins then announced that it would also close another 10 smaller distribution centres. Once the centres have been closed then their plumbing and heating division will be reviewed. An estimated 28,000 people currently work at Travis Perkins and their are over 2000 stores. The company has stated that they will try to relocate the staff, who are affected by the branches closing down, to different sites. Travis Perkins looks after their employees because everyone at the company is like one big family.

When the company was questioned about the loss of jobs and the closing down branches, a spokesman stated “Given that levels of future demand remain difficult to predict, the group has chosen to implement a number of efficiency programmes and branch closures to further optimise the network. This work includes the closure of 10 smaller distribution and fabrication centres, the write-off of certain IT legacy equipment and over 30 branch closures in our trade businesses.”

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