The Power of Exercise for the Senior Person

The Power of Exercise for the Senior Person.

The Power of Exercise for the Senior PersonFor many people once they reach the age of 50 it becomes a time when they can slow down their lives and relax a little more. The children have grown up and moved out and have begun their own life journeys. For the parents who are left behind and who have the joys of becoming grandparents there becomes a period when for them, time comes to a standstill.

No longer do they have to rush around like headless chickens for 24 hours a day, they now get quality time to be free and suit themselves to do whatever they want.

If they still have jobs to go to then that will keep them occupied for a large part of the day, but what about the ones who may not have employment? What can they do?

The answer is very simple, Keep your body and mind active and by doing so you will live longer and be more able to amuse the grandchildren when they arrive.

Sitting in front of a television for hours each day may seem a good idea at the time, but in reality you are slowing your body clock down and will then find it harder to get motivated to do any other activity but general housework.

One of the best ways for older people to exercise without having to find the funds to participate is to go walking, Not only does this keep the body fit but also keeps the mind active. When you walk you don’t do so with your eyes closed but looking where you go and taking in the scenery around you.

Your brain will thank you for this as not only are you providing it with information to digest and helping it to remain active for longer, but the more it learns the more it wants to learn.

Many people now have joined together to form groups who meet at least twice a week for a gentle amble throughout the countryside. They share the love of the outside and by being in a group they form long lasting friendships and knowledge, You can never know enough.

I have quite a few older friends who go out walking two or three times each week, whatever the weather, Two of them in particular are over 80 years old and they walk at least 5 miles each time. It may take them slightly longer than some others but they don’t care. To them its now just part of their daily routine and keeps the body and soul active. They are remarkable people but just like you and me.

Another friend retired at the age of 67 only because his wife had reached retirement age and they had worked together for over 30 years. A relaxing wind down of his life never entered Ray’s head.

Since then he has totally transformed his garden as well as designing and building his shed which also doubles up as his new work place.

In this new stage of his life he has self taught himself how to build and repair computers and games consoles, He is still learning to keep his brain active and therefore keeping himself fit.

They now also have a family dog which he walks at least twice a day.

I have asked him why he keeps so busy and his answer was oh so simple, “it stops me from being bored and getting old”.

I can’t argue with that at all, can you?

Of course for some people being so active isn’t an option, so what alternative exercise for the Senior Person is there?

Swimming is one example, this alone aids your mobility and fitness. Many local authorities have special group sessions for senior citizens an ones with mobility issues, Its well worth the effort in speaking to your local council to see what they have to offer and what if any costs there may be.

Tai Chi is well worth considering as this has grown quite dramatically outside of China in the last few years. This involves a range of body movements that can assist with balance, joint movement and muscle flexibility. With focussing on deep breathing, meditation and relaxation, so is similar in style to the ancient art of Yoga.

Tai Chi is often favoured by people who may suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis, mainly because it doesn’t demand a great deal from your body therefore is the perfect way to introduce yourself to exercise if you haven’t been active for several years.

At the same time as assisting your muscular functions Tai Chi also aids your brain to function more clearly by helping you to concentrate for longer periods.

For people who like the outdoors but may like the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, you may want to try fishing as an activity. Not as physically demanding but for brain training and concentration this probably can’t be beaten.

My favourite activity however is Golf, For those who dislike the sport and say that all it is, is a walk spoiled, I say differently. A round of golf takes about 4 hours, muscles are used to walk and play the game. Your brain is constantly being asked questions to solve and you are out in the fresh air. What more could you ask for?

Obviously there are many more activities than I have mentioned. My best advice would be to have a look round to find something that you would enjoy, do the research on where and when its available and then go for it 100%

Don’t become a couch potato, Life is too short and you have loads to offer.

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