The migrant crisis, what can we do?

What can be do to solve the migrant crisis?

The migrant crisis, what can we do | Over 50's newsThe migrant crisis has escalated once again with the news that a further 250 people have been rescued from a boat in the Mediterranean sea. A coast guard spokesman said  helicopters were on there way to assist the four ships were were involved in the rescue operation. Over 200 migrants were said to be “in distress” in the water. The boat was found in international waters, 75 miles south of the Greek island of Crete.

An major improvement in climatic conditions has led to a vast upsurge in the numbers of boats attempting to cross the Mediterranean ocean. The UN said this week that more than 2,500 people had died in 2016 trying to make the journey towards Western Europe.

We need to ask ourselves if enough is being done to avoid an escalation to the migrant crisis and also try to find a solution to an ever growing problem. I found an article on the BBC website which highlights the problems that all European countries are facing and this can be found here

All nations need to decide on a unilateral solution that will solve the migrant crisis. Whether that be through extra funding and support for the peoples within their own countries or how we can support them in foreign lands to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Many of the migrants are attempting to reach other countries because of the environment within their own lands such as internal wars and different factions making their own countries unstable for civilians. Others are fleeing with their families due to poverty and lack of a health care and educational system.

The sensible option would be for the wealthier nations to unite and try to solve the issues within the poorer and less educated countries but getting a solution to this may prove to be very problematic.

Whatever the final solution is, the migrant crisis must be solved for the good of all.

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