Staying safe in the Summer Heat

Advise on staying safe in the Summer Heat.

Advise on staying safe in the Summer Heat | Informative health news for silver surfersThe majority of us will always welcome the Summer and the hot weather that comes with it. But we must be aware that when its too hot for long periods there are many health risks and we should ensure that all our families are staying safe in the Summer heat.

The elderly, the seriously ill and the very young are the main groups of people who are particularly at risk when temperatures rise. Very hot weather whilst good for many people can at the same time make heart and breathing issues worse.

“There is considerable evidence that heatwaves are dangerous and can kill,” says Graham Bickler of Public Health England. In August 2003, temperatures hit 38ºC (101ºF) during a nine-day heatwave, the highest recorded in the UK. “In the 2003 heatwave, there were 2,000 to 3,000 excess deaths [more than usual] in England. Across Europe, there were around 30,000 excess deaths.”

Public Health England has advice on how to stay safe during a heatwave (PDF, 417kb). Knowing how to keep cool during long periods of hot weather can help save lives. “Most of the information is common sense,” says Bickler. “It’s not rocket science, but it can have a dramatic effect.” We have compiled a list of tips for people to keep staying safe in the summer heat.

Surprisingly by shutting windows and closing the blinds or curtains can make it cooler inside than out. By all means open the windows slightly for ventilation but avoid sitting in direct sunlight.  Stay out of the sun and don’t sit outside at the hottest part of the day.

Make sure that you have a regular supply of cold drinks such as fruit juice and water, avoid coffee, tea and alcohol wherever possible. Cool showers or baths are also beneficial to your overall well being. Wearing loose or cool clothing and the obligatory hat will help to lower your body temperature should you need to go outdoors.

Always plan ahead to ensure that you have enough supplies such as water, food and any medications you may need. Find out which is your coolest room at home so you will know where to go if the temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. Always check up on neighbours, friends and relatives who may be less able to look after themselves.

However good the sun looks when its high in the sky, staying safe in the summer heat must be your your number one priority.

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