Are staycations the new vacations?

Staycations are IN, research shows that Millions of British holiday makers are abandoning plans for foreign travel and embarking on stay at home holidays.

staycations | over 50's travelTourism companies across the UK are reporting record-breaking numbers of bookings and inquiries for ‘stay at home vacations’ over the past few weeks, suggesting workers will pump billions of pounds back into the UK tourism industry instead of spending their cash abroad, resulting in a predicted rise of staycations up and down the country.

“More people holidaying in the UK will hugely boost our economy at a time when we greatly need it. Families spend around 20% of their incomes on holidays so the impact will be disproportionately large. As demand rises, prices of UK Air, b&b’s and hotel rooms will increase very quickly too, however” said Justin Urquart Stewart, director at Seven Investment Management. Staycations have been steadily gaining popularity since the start of 2016 with a record-breaking 7.3 million people holidaying in England in the first quarter of the year, up 10% compared to the same period in 2015, according to Visit England.

In recent months families’ plans for trips abroad are being compromised by a mixture of terrorism threats, fear of an unreliable sale, and the decrease in value of the pound since Brexit. European holidays have escalated in price as the spending power of holiday money has been savaged by the falling value of the pound, which has dropped 10% against the euro since Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23, research shows that the average ‘family of four’ holiday is £245 more than prior to Brexit.

The biggest concern is the threat of terror attacks in once-popular destinations such as Egypt, Turkey, and France. Holidays to Egypt have nearly halved following the downing of a Russian passenger plane in October 2015, so naturally, families have been fearing for their safety. The number of tourists arriving in Turkey has fallen for nine consecutive months to 1.75 million in April last year, 28% down since the same period in 2015.

In May the Eurostar tunnel, which connects London to Paris, reported a drop in passenger figures following the Paris and Brussels terror attacks, with passenger numbers falling by 100,000 to 2.2 million in the first three months of the year. And with fewer people booking trips, holiday firms are thought to be crumbling behind the scenes, leading to a sharp rise in holidays from untrustworthy sites.

Top things to do in the UK, according to our writers:

  • Go Glamping! – One of the fastest growing tourist industries in the world, glamping is like camping, same views, and locations but you don’t lose any home comforts. No sleeping bag, no risk of rain getting in, access to electricity and more, the great thing about glamping is that it can be done anywhere! Seaside towns, countryside, just type in your preference online.
  • Seaside towns – A traditional British favourite, nothing beats a weekend away in Cornwall or Whitby, sun, sea, and sand. Have a look at hotel deals here.
  • Centreparcs – Centreparcs is one of the leading adventure holiday parks in the UK, it’s perfect for both families and couples, go and do all the thrilling activities with the kids or grandkids, alternatively go for the luxurious restaurants with your other half. If it is slightly out of your budget there are cheaper options available.
  • London – The obvious choice for many reasons; culture, monuments, shopping, etc. There is always something exciting to do or see and always hotel deals available, if London is a little pricey, York is a good option. Viking history, York Dungeons and plenty of other tourist attractions, a romantic weekend in one of the old-fashioned hotels here and walks down the ancient cobbled roads always makes for a good trip.

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