A guide to the best skincare

Making sure your skincare is perfect.

skincare | health and beautyWell, skincare is a tricky thing to deal with. And I am sure we are all familiar with what we need to use for our faces. But never know what’s the best product, when to use it, or even how to use it? We’ve all invested our faces into cleansing, toning, and moisturising. The concept of all this seems quite mind boggling, especially with the introduction of serums and lotions. What do you apply before a serum? How long do you wait before adding the face cream? Why do we add oil to our face and how? All of these unsure questions when it comes to skincare and the way it had developed in these ageing years.

Sources say layering is an excellent way to make sure your skin is getting sufficient and concentrated amounts of various nourishing ingredients. Every layer you put on doesn’t have to be applied thick. It can be applied in thin, sheer layers and you don’t even need to worry about the time you apply the next layer, just apply it straight after as one product doesn’t outweigh another. When it comes to applying your products in certain order, the trick is to start with the lightest product on your skin and gradually build the products up. To begin with, you would use a serum or essence and finish off with a cream to create a seal around your skin.

in, this will then ensure all the water and nutrients are locked in.

If you are going to use a face oil, massaging a little oil on to the skin in an upwards, and outwards circle motion will activate your circulation and make your skin more receptive to products. As well as that massage your glands on your neck and behind your ears to reduce puffiness. If your skin is feeling particularly dry, why not add a couple of drops of your face oil into your moisturiser, or serum into your foundation. This will ensure your skin is looking flawless for your day ahead.

However, there is one layer you should never mix with another. This being mixing sun cream with another such as moisturiser as it can dilute the protection you are actually getting. It can also encourage more wrinkles, sagging, and brown spots. Make sure you use SPF as your final step to maximise and ensure full protection.

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