Men, manage your facial hair with ease at home

Men, Manage your facial hair with ease at home | 50 plus informationFacial hair over the last few years has become more fashionable than ever, with everyone from sporting icons, to celebrities cultivating the hair on their faces! While the reasons behind growing beards and moustaches are numerous the ability to manage facial hair at home for men has never been easier. For the hirsute among us below are some useful tips to manage that “unwanted” facial hair.

Excessive facial hair can be a concern for many men as it can lead to thoughts of unattractiveness, which may have implications about self-image, and self-confidence.

Society today is bombarded with images of what is deemed to be attractive, and while traditionally the focus has been women, it is fair to say that men today are not immune from the subtle messages created by advertising. Below are some pointers for men to keep groomed and looking their best.

When do you shave? – Most men will have a grooming regimen that has become a habit over the years, but perhaps a little thought into when you shave may bring more beneficial results. If you shave after taking a shower then one benefits from the effect the hot water and steam will have on facial hair and pores. The bristles of a bread will be softened by hot water and steam while at the same time the skin pores will open making shaving less painful and overall much easier. Alternatively, shave while you are still in the shower!

If you choose to shave in or just after a shower, most men will get away without the requirement for any lather or shaving cream as the hot steaming water provides the necessary moisture and softening a beard requires; and as there is no excessive soap, lather, cream or oil the rinse off and clean takes a moment.

Changing blades – One should regularly change the blade as a worn blade edge will cause issues. If you shave every day, then changing a blade every few days is not extreme, the most expensive razor is only as good as the cutting edge of the blade. Redness, blotchy and sore skin, even bleeding can result from using a blade past is best.

A change can be good – A person can quickly reclaim a more youthful appearance by shaving away some or all of the facial hair. If you already have a full beard perhaps a more sculptured look may suit you, trimming down to a goatee or shaped tuft below the bottom lip for a cleaner result. If one already sports a goatee a period of being cleanly shaven will knock back the years!

Other unwanted hair – It is a sad phenomenon that as you age and begins to lose hair on the head, other unwanted hair starts to become more apparent. Unsightly hair in places such as the ears and nose needs to be managed as one gets older. In order to maintain a fresh look manage unsightly hair by trimming, waxing, or plucking.

The unibrow – Occasionally, unwanted hair management will require laser hair removal techniques.  There are many products on the market that all one to carry out this kind of unwanted hair management at home

Electric or traditional – One’s choice of whether to use an electric shaver or the more traditional razors can be purely down to personal preference, however, regardless of choice, some things are universal and although an electric shave may be faster the effect can be harsh on the skin, in comparison the closest shave one can achieve is by wet shaving.

Armpit Hair – During hot and warmer weather it can be beneficial to manage armpit hair. As we get hot and sweat the more armpit hair one has then more likely that bacteria can be trapped resulting in unpleasant odours, similarly excessive armpit hair will transfer both the odour and moisture to clothing producing embarrassing damp patches and stains.

With the abundance of products and accessories available to men today, the ability to manage one’s unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home has never been easier!

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