Makeup tips for over 50’s – look + feel beautiful at any age!

Look and feel beautiful at any age with our top makeup tips for over 50’s

makeup tips for over 50's | over 50's health and beautyFor women in their 50’s and beyond, the makeup and fashion industry are finally starting to grow up – we’re living in an age where we’re past age shaming. It makes sense, that we put the people with the most style knowledge and experience at the forefront of our magazines, blogs and as role models. It was commonly believed that as soon as you got your first grey hair, you couldn’t possibly be the same confident woman you once was, or wear the same amount of makeup as you used to. Now that there is such a huge choice of cosmetics, you can wear as much as you like with our top makeup tips for over 50’s shown below!

With the sudden explosion of makeup products on the market, it is now easier than ever to find the right piece for your skin tone and complexion. Consequently, makeup for the older generations is booming and so is confidence, resulting in a greater number of models that are over 50. If you’re interested in modelling, and slightly more mature, or would like to see some of the people responsible for redefining beauty goals, check out Grey Model Agency. Also, make sure to check out my Pinterest for a great selection of all makeup products recommended in this article, high end and budget!

Makeup tips

  • Makeup primer – one of the most important things you can use, it fills in fine lines in the skin, sets makeup to stop it creasing and building up in wrinkles, protects the skin and makes it last longer! An absolute must have.
  • Tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream – use a thin layer of this to get a youthful, fresh-faced look without the cakey build up of your standard foundation, that will build up in your fine lines.
  • Loose powder – again this is all about how your makeup sets on your skin, which is the thing you tend to notice most, adapt to the changes your body is making and switch to a loose powder that works for you.
  • Cream blush instead of powder
  • HIGHLIGHTER OVER THE BROWBONE! – this cannot be stressed enough! By far my favourite makeup trick in the book, this will instantly lift your brows, making you look more awake and youthful. It will help shape and bring out your eyebrows too which we already know shapes the face, I could list the benefits for ages but just try it and see for yourself.
  • Peach or gold eyeshadow – eyes will become more and more sunken in as years go by, it’s inevitable, to avoid making things worse you can use a light nude or gold eyeshadow. The warm tones will add life to your eyes.
  • Light eyeliners – same as with the eyeshadow tip, you don’t want to go too dark or heavy on the eyes, a light, smudged ring of a nude or brown pencil eyeliner will add that glammed-up definition to the eyes without over-doing it.
  • Prep lips – If you are going to be using other lip products, prepping or priming the lips is a must, it will prevent the smudging of other products and make the lips look plumper and full of life.
  • Use lipliner – over time the shape and size of your lips will change, to keep your cupids bow looking great, use a natural coloured lip liner to reshape it. Don’t use darker colours on your lip, it will make them look smaller and more closed in, using a light pink, peach or nude will add life to your whole face and smile.
  • Have a professional do your brows – tweezing and waxing to shape the brow should be left to a professional by most of us, they just see our faces in a different light to what we do!


Have a try of these makeup tips for over 50’s and let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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