Make-up tips for women over 50

Make-up tips for women over 50

Make up tipsWhen it comes to make-up we all want to stand out from the crowd with our own unique style and as we get older we are constantly adapting and changing our look and image. For those who don’t know, there is no reason why you can’t  be over 50 and still look absolutely fabulous.  So here are 4  make-up tips for women over 50, and you don’t need to go spending a lot of money you can do all these with drug-store brands too. A couple of store I always suggest to people are Superdrug and Boots

Tip 1 – Always remember less is more. You’ll notice when you get older your lips start to thin out, you may get some wrinkles here and there. But always remember applying a lot of make-up won’t cover up these things. In fact they will make them stand out more. So when it comes to the lips try a natural colour lip liner.Then using a lip brush apply either a natural colour, a vintage pink or you can just use the lip liner. A lip brush will give you more control and a more precise application. Or you can be really sneaky and use a natural coloured lipstick with a pale lip gloss for that extra shine on your lips.

Tip 2 – Define your eyes. When it comes to eye liner I personally go with eye liner pencil because it gives me more control and it doesn’t look as harsh as liquid eye liner does. This is something that works well for women over 50. If you are going to line your eyes try to use colours like grey, brown, golden browns and soft black but smudge them out a little so they look softer and more subtle. I would suggest tight-lining you eyes. so instead of lining the lower lash line, you liner the top lash line. But be careful when doing this, you don’t want to poke yourself in the eye.

Tip 3 – Tinted moisturiser. You are probably wondering why I am suggesting a tinted moisturiser, well these are a lot better for you to use than foundations. If you want to wear something similar to a foundation all day, tinted moisturisers are best. They act like a BB cream, they make you look fresh and they are very light coverage. While foundations are medium/heavy coverage. If you have a few wrinkles here and there then avoid foundations. Foundations will sit in the wrinkles making them look deeper than they actually are.

Tip 4 – Mascara. When it comes to mascara applying it to your top lashes only will make your eyes look bigger. Applying mascara to your lower lashes will make you eyes look smaller and the mascara can easily be smudged. I would suggest a black or a black-brown mascara.

Finding make-up tips for women over 50 is tricky because there aren’t that many out there but I hope these make-up tips helped a lot. Remember you can still be over 50 and fabulous. So go show off your new look and maybe teach today’s younger generation a thing or two about make-up.

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