What should I know when looking for travel insurance

What to look for when looking for travel insurance

looking for travel insuranceWhen looking for travel insurance there are many  trustworthy companies out there and then there are those that aren’t. There is one thing that everyone struggles with and that is knowing what a good travel policy should contain. I’m going to let you know what a policy must have and what a good policy should give you.

There have been plenty of cases where people who have been looking for travel insurance haven’t carefully looked at the travel policy’s small print and they have been left high and dry. However you can avoid this by reading through the small print carefully and making sure that this policy is right for you. I have read through several posts and all of them have mentioned medical expenses, missed departures or cancellation/curtailment. So I wrote this article to explain a bit about these 3 area of the travel policy and what a good policy will offer you.

Medical Expenses

The first one is medical expenses. Something I have found out is that not a lot of people know what travel policies offer when it comes to medical expenses. Medical expenses provides the cover towards any medical emergency or surgical treatments you may have while you are away. If you are travelling to Europe you should get £1 million cover or more, if you are travelling to the USA then you get a minimum of £2 million medical cover. This should be enough cover if the doctor you see concludes that your treatment can wait till you get back home and you are going to incur large medical expenses.

Cancellation & curtailment

This covers you for any travel & accommodation if you had to cancel or shorten your trip. However the cancellation section of the policy will only be in affect under certain circumstances. If you are unsure what these certain circumstances then ask your travel agent and they will explain it to you. If your circumstances mean your can be covered by the policy and it is a good policy then you can expect to get upto £2000 or more.

Missed departure

This covers additional accommodation and travel expense costs. Only if there are situations out of your control that cause you to miss your departure. If you haven’t allowed sufficient time to get to your departure you won’t be covered. You will have to provide a report such as the AA or RAC call out form if you have broken down. However if something else out of your control causes you to miss your departure you will still have to produce evidence that proves you allowed sufficient time to get to your departure. You are normally cover for around £500 for this.

So when you are looking for travel insurance, remember read through it carefully to see what the policy contains. Then decide if it is the best policy for you. However I would suggest paying extra attention to the medical expenses, missed departures or cancellation/curtailment. As well as getting travel insurance through your travel agent such as Thomas Cook or Virgin, I would also suggest trying your banks, supermarkets etc for not only the best price but also the best cover for you. If you have any more further questions about travel policies don’t be afraid to ask your travel agent. They can also explain to you all about the travel policies if you are unsure about them.

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