Healthy eating tips – not just for the over 50s

Its never too early to follow these healthy eating tips.

Healthy eating tips - not just for the over 50s | Silver Surfers health and beauty newsThe recipe for staying healthy as you age is really simple and you need only two ingredients for that. One, regular exercise, and second, a balanced diet. A balanced diet means having meals which are fresh, healthy and contain a combination of various essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. With these two simple practices, you cannot only maintain your age but also build resistance against certain diseases that naturally attack your body as you age.

Here we outline some basic tips for baby boomers to make healthy eating easier and interesting for them:

·       Consume as many vegetables and fruits as possible
Fresh fruits and vegetables are sources of essential nutrients and are also rich in anti-oxidants. Start consuming plenty of different fruits and vegetables as you age, if you haven’t been doing it from an early age, to boost your immune system, to cleanse your internal body form toxins and to get energy without any side effects.

·       Go for whole grains
Whole grains are good sources of fiber, which is also helpful in relieving constipation (a common problem of elderly). Rather than eating white rice, pasta or bread, go for whole grains in everything, like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread.

·       Maintain calcium and vitamin D levels
Since falls and injuries become more frequent as you age, you need to have strong bones to prevent any major problem. Strengthen your bones by maintaining a constant supply of calcium, which is also a source for vitamin D production. Take around 3-4 servings of low fat dairy, daily to maintain your calcium levels. Those who are intolerant to lactose can take yogurt, hard cheese, legumes, broccoli or salmon to make sure they do not develop calcium or vitamin D deficiency.

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease among aged women which occurs solely due to the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D.

·       Go easy with sugar and salt
The likelihood of developing diabetes and hypertension increases as we age. Therefore, people who are over 50 should not consume too much sugary or salty food. Also, avoid processed foods, bakery items, and carbonated drinks as they have high quantities of salt/ sugar, which can lead to serious health issues among seniors.

·       Take healthy fats
Rather than opting for fat free food, it is advises that you choose the sources for your fat supply wisely. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats completely and go for mono-saturated and poly-unsaturated fats instead. Olive oil, nuts, avocados and seeds are good sources of mono-saturated fats, while poly-unsaturated fats are found in walnuts, flaxseeds and fishes (like sardines and salmon). Omega 3 fatty acids come under poly-unsaturated fats.

Bonus Tip:Women are likely to suffer a heart attack as they age due to hormonal changes in their bodies. Fish is really helpful in fighting against this. While fish is advised for all elderly, women, particularly, should make sure that they take at least 2 servings of fish in a week, or fish supplements. Consult your general practitioner for determining your weekly dose of fish supplements. – lets us know your healthy eating tips.

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