It’s getting colder so you need to stay warm at this time of the year

Tips on how to stay warm at this time of the year.

stay warm at this time of the year | Over 50's health news, information and adviceIt’s that time of year again, the temperature is dropping and it’s time to get the winter coats out again. But stay warm at this time of the year seems to be a bit of a hassle. So here are a tips and tricks that will help you stay warm.


  • Layer Up

When your body comes into contact with a cold surface your body loses heat. You can stop this a number of ways but the best way is to layer up. The most important layer is your base layer. Think of materials that keep your body heat in e.g. thick wool socks, thermal vests etc. Once you have your base layer then add a wind/waterproof layer to the mix. However make sure that this layer is breathable.

  • Leave doors open

Contrary to common belief leave your internal doors open. If you shut all your doors then you are stopping heat from spreading throughout your house. You can do this even when you have a bath or a shower. Leave the doors opens and that will let the heat travel through all the adjoining rooms.

  • Stop the shivering

When people think of shivering they tend to pass it off as something that isn’t bad but that is where you’re wrong. Shivering is like a warning sign that your skin temperature is dropping and you need to get somewhere warm. So as soon as you start shivering make sure that you are in a warm enviroment.

  • Shut the curtains

Another way to keep in your house is to shut the curtains. The best type of curtains to have are thermal lined curtains. As these can be expensive put  these curtains in the rooms that you use the most, however it can reduce the amount of heat lost almost instantly and it will help reduce your fuel costs.

  • Know the forecast

Check your local weather channel to see what the forecast is for that day. By doing so you can prepare yourself for the day ahead and you can make sure that you are wearing the right clothes. This tip isn’t taken seriously most of the time but it is a good tip to know.

  • Wear a hat

If you are all wrapped up in clothing and you stay warm make sure you are also wearing a hat. You always lose heat through any surface that is exposed. So if you are cold keep your hat on even if you are inside the house.

Did these tips help you stay warm at this time of the year?

Do you have any tips that you think others should know?

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