Gender pay gap myth or not?

What are a gender pay gap and the causes?

gender pay gap | over 50s financeGender pay gap means equality measure, it shows the difference in average pay between men and women. It is at its lowest percentage ever at 18%. It does not show the difference in pay for comparable jobs and unequal pay has been illegal for 45 years.

Some believe in the gender pay gap and other’s do not, however it does exist, and these are the causes and ways that the government is solving this ongoing problem. Firstly, it is caused by women choosing less financially rewarding jobs such as administration and nursing, therefore women are less likely to progress up the career ladder into higher paid senior roles. As well as this, most women work part-time rather than full-time roles, this could be due to being a single parent and also children too young to fend for themselves, or parents unable to afford a nanny. Some part timers don’t get paid at the same rate as a full timer.

The government are however trying to solve this problem! The three main ways of trying to improve this problem: Encouraging girls to consider a wider range of careers, this including the higher paid jobs which the male are currently dominating. Offering 30 hours of free childcare for families that are working and have young children. They are also requiring large employers to publish their gender pay gap and gender bonus gaps.

There are reasons for the gender pay gap to be in fact a myth. Some would not believe these reasons make it a complete myth but they make the pay gap almost disappear. The gap all depends on your age and the figures are appalling. over 20’s have a pay difference of 4% whereas over 50’s have a pay gap of 27%. The gap has been getting increasingly smaller for the younger ones but seems to be increasing for the over 50’s. So even if you do not believe in the pay gap and you truly believe it is a myth, your thoughts will suddenly change when you turn 50. It has been proven that it is harder for women to get higher paid jobs however the government has commissioned a review to look at how we can remove the barriers preventing women getting to the top of their careers.

Many viewers will have a different opinion based around this subject these including:

A. Is it a women’s fault that they are paid less because they choose less paid jobs, and don’t want to try to take them selfs into a higher paid job or career.

B. Or is it the government’s fault for not treating a man and women as equals?

C. Maybe you just think that men shouldn’t always be the ones being able to succeed further than a woman can!

D. Do you think that our society as men and women are treated equally when it comes to the pay gap?

These questions are all very debatable, be sure to leave your opinion and a comment, what do you think the government should do to prevent the pay gaps?

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