Bored of exercising by yourself, try exercising with your dog!

Are you wanting to exercise but never really had the motivation, have you ever tried exercising with your dog?

exercising with your dog | over 50s lifestyleFirst of all, let’s start with a sport we are all familiar with, running. It’s easy for your dog to just run by the side of you but how about you spice it up. For a short distance have your dog pull a heavy cart, whilst you run with a heavy object such as a small weight attached to you. To ensure your safety for your dog, make sure you do your research. Dogs are separated into classes by weight and height, once you have specified which class your dog fits into,¬†buy a padded harness that distributes the load across shoulders to minimise injury. Once you have safely attached the harness, hitch your dog to a cart or sled so they can pull it for a short distance. This is a great way of exercising with your dog.

“Doga”. What is “doga” you ask? Well, it’s dog yoga. It’s a fun new way of exercising with your dog. You don’t need much for this exercise, all you need is a yoga mat and an open mind. This isn’t so much as exercising with your dog then it is more interaction with your furry friend. Also, dogs of all sizes breeds and energy levels, benefit from this sport, a practice that strengthens the animal-human bond.

We all love bonding with our pet, and if your looking for some serious bonding try treibball. This creative sport was invented in Germany as a way for energetic dogs to work off their mental and physical steam. It is a trick for herding breeds, but dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome to give it a go but instead of a herd they will use a ball. This sport promotes teamwork between guardian and dog and impulse control in dogs. Your dog will use their nose to guide eight balls into a goal in 15 minutes with only your cues as instruction. Start off easy with your pup and increase the difficulty as you go along.

Do you love skiing? You can now share this experience with your four legged companion as you are harnessed to your dog and will travel cross country. This strange but exciting sport is popular in Scandinavian countries. It requires a special harness for you dog(s), a belt for you and a bungee line to connect to. This fun exercise is called skijoring, it can be done with one to three dogs, and it is suitable for any dog over 35 pounds. Any willing dog can participate in this activity as you are in control of the speed and power. This sport is mostly done for just fun, however for you competitive ones, there are organisations holding races In The International Federation of Sled Dog Sports, they hold a competition every two years.

So are you wanting to exercise but never feel the motivation to do so, you now know you can enjoy your exercise with your furry friend. So let us know your thoughts, and if you would try any of these activities out in the comments below.

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