The European Championships – Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Starts on 10th June in France

The European Championship - Euro 2016 | Silver surfers newsFor 4 weeks starting on the 10th June this year the UEFA European Championship ( Euro 2016) will begin. More commonly known as Euro 2016 to all football fans, they will pit the national pride of each competing nation against one another in a battle to become Champions of Europe. These championships are held every 4 years and was originally called the EUFA European Nations Cup.

For the fans of each of the 24 competing countries it is a chance to show their patriotic loyalty which would normally be hidden. Even the people who don’t normally watch football seem to get swept along with the momentum of the occasion. For the people of France where Euro 2016 will take place this year it will be an opportunity to rejoice in the fact that fans of all ages from another 23 countries will be able to see and enjoy the sights, different foods and cultures that exist throughout their country.

The fans in this country who cannot afford to go to France or are unable to take time off work there will be adequate opportunities to enjoy the football in the thousands of pubs and clubs throughout the country. Many of which will undoubtedly be offering special drinks promotions to keep everyone inside and happy, regardless of results.

If on the other hand, you have no interest in the Euros whatsoever then this is an ideal time to take a break away from all the celebrations and commiserations that are sure to follow over the next 4 weeks. Even people who very rarely have a wager of any description seem to get swept along with the fervor and have a bet on who they think will succeed on the 10th July.

England seem to have a strong team this time and are tipped to do well, but then again we always seem to be one of the favourites and as yet we have never even reached the final of this competition which is ranked just behind the World Cup.

My tip is Belgium to win the Euros this time, Which team is yours? Please let us know.

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