Drug users, more than a social problem, a national issue.

The Centre for Social Justice says Drug users are more than a social problem.

The Centre for Social Justice says Drug users are more than a social problem. | Health news for silver surfersI grew up in the 1970’s when narcotics were easily available for those drug users who wanted them. Although I myself never had a reason to even try any just to experiment, I knew plenty of people who did. Over the last 40 years the number of social drug users and the hard core individuals has increased to the point where the situation is now more than just a social problem. The United Kingdom has become the “addiction capital of Europe” with an ever increasing drug abuse issue leading towards a total breakdown of society in certain areas of the country.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) made a statement saying that addicts are now purchasing Class A drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin from mail order websites which are very difficult to regulate. Also the United Kingdom has become a major hub for other website which peddle “club drugs” or legal highs such as Green Rolex and Salvia.

The CSJ went on to criticise the UK government for what it calls an “inadequate response to heroin addiction in general” also adding that to date over 40,000 drug users in England alone have been stranded on using the substitute methadone, which is often used to try and wean addicts off heroin.

Noreen Oliver, chairwoman of the CSJ review, said: “This report lays bare the stark reality of drug and alcohol addiction, and abuse, in the UK today”. Despite some slow progress in this last three years, much more needs to be done to tackle the root causes of addiction so that people have a better chance of breaking free.

“Alcohol is taking an increasing toll across all services in the UK and new emerging drugs are causing more harm – all the while funding to rehabilitation centres is being dramatically cut and methadone prescribing is being protected.”

The CSJ’s report, No Quick Fix, found that the UK has Europe’s highest rate of drug users addiction to opiates, such as heroin, and the highest lifetime-use of amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy.This report went on to claim that alongside alcohol addiction. the sheers volume of drug users  cost the UK £21 billion and £15 billion respectively, and CSJ director Christian Guy said: “While our addiction problem damages the economy, it is the human consequences that present the real tragedy.

“Drug and alcohol abuse fuels poverty and deprivation, leading to family breakdown and child neglect, homelessness, crime, debt and long-term worklessness. From its impact on children to its consequences for pensioners, dependency destroys lives, wrecks families and blights communities.”

The problems that drug users cause is now no longer just a social problem, its has become a national issue that we should all be aware of and we should be forcing the government to find the funds to a problem that affects so many people throughout our nation.

We can no longer sit back and ignore what is happening in our communities and hoping it will go away. For the suppliers of the drugs, it is big business and we should all do whatever we can to rid society of this blight on our futures.

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