Drink healthy with 5 ways to make water taste better.

5 ways to make water taste better so you always drink healthy.

drink healthy | over 50s lifestyleWe all know it is hard to drink healthy and make sure our bodies take in as much water as they can in order to be able to function properly, however not all of us are water lovers. Therefore these are some tips on ways you can improve the taste of your water.

1. For starters you could add some juice, mixing water with a juice can make a very tasty drink. More adventurous and delicious juices are tart juices, like pomegranate, cranberry, apple, and grape. Try to find juices that have no added sugar, as it is better for your body to have a natural juice. Also remember the juices that have with added fruit are much better for you as they don’t just taste good, they also contain vitamins and antioxidants that can benefit your health.

2. Another way to use fruit in your water is to add the fresh fruit itself into your water. You don’t have to buy it in a juice form, you can just buy the fresh fruit itself. Citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons, are classic water enhancers that are sure to tickle your taste buds. But why not try something more exotic?  Have you tried crushing fresh watermelon or raspberries into your water? Or maybe adding a few strawberry slices. In the summer you can try cucumber or fresh mint as they are very refreshing and tasty.

3. For all of the tea lovers out there, you can still drink tea instead of water itself. The best tea you can drink is fruit, white, green, herbal and red teas as these are much better for you than black tea or even coffee, this is because they contain little to no caffeine at all. There are so many flavours of teas that you might not have yet explored, start with the selection you find at your local store and if you are interested in adding more intense flavours that are very sophisticated, you can start researching the about the vast array of speciality teas that are made in all parts of the world.

4. You wouldn’t think ice was very flavoursome or intriguing, In some cases, people have found that ice water tastes better than water served straight from the tap at room temperature. You don’t have to settle for normal ice cubes you can mix it up a little bit and try flavoured ice cubes. Maybe add one of the flavourings from the juice and start experimenting using fresh fruit, cucumber, and mint ice cubes. To do this, just simply chop your choice of flavour, add it to an ice cube tray full of water and then freeze them until they are ready to serve. Become creative with you ice cube trays, purchase a fun shaped one, like a star or a heart.

5. Fizzy drinks are not something we should be drinking when we want to drink healthy, What if you can make your water bubbly. Well, you can. Many people prefer sparkling water to still water. If boring still water isn’t appetising you just try a naturally effervescent mineral water that will give you the added benefit of extra minerals.

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