Do you suffer from Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Do you suffer from Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

noise-induced-hearing-lossFor many older people, their quality of life can be severely hampered because of lifestyle habits or other issues that occurred during their earlier years. Hearing loss and deafness is one of the most common complaints of this nature, with many older people suffering with their hearing. In some instances, this is an unfortunate but natural part of the aging process, although in many other cases, it can be the result of noise induced hearing loss from a previous job. If your hearing has been affected during your work life, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Noise induced hearing loss
Also known as industrial deafness, noise induced hearing loss refers to a condition where a person’s hearing has been damaged due to working in excessive levels of noise. It is as a result of their working environment, which has exposed them to noisy conditions that cause hearing difficulties and often also tinnitus (noises e.g. ringing or buzzing in the ears) in later life. There are many different kinds of employment situations that could have caused noise induced deafness, although the most common are those which involve heavy machinery and constant loud noises. Some of the most common cases of industrial deafness come in people who have worked in the following industries:

The effects of this exposure to loud noise may have been exacerbated in previous years due to  less emphasis on health and safety precautions. Technology was not as advanced in previous decades as it is today, which may also lead to higher rates of industrial deafness in people who are now aged 50 or over.

If you have worked in any of these industries, or any other which exposed or still exposes you to excessive loud noise, and your hearing has deteriorated, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim against your previous employers.

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Written by Simon Morris

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