Do you suffer from depression? How does it affect you?

suffer from depressionWhich depression do you suffer from?

Many of us suffer from depression but diagnosing which depression you have can be difficult. The symptoms of depression can be complex and vary widely between people. However, as many have experienced, if you’re depressed, you feel sad, hopeless and lose interest in things you used to love. Depression can be a serious matter, symptoms can last weeks or even months, they can be that bad they can interfere with your work, family life and even your social life. There are many symptoms of depression and not everyone will experience every problem.

There are three main types of symptoms which many have experienced, psychological, physical or social. With psychological depression, you feel you have a low mood and are sad quite a lot. You can also feel you are not getting any enjoyment out of life as you have no motivation or interest in activities. Psychological depression can lead to other severities such as wanting to harm yourself or others around you. Physical depression is quite different to psychological as their symptoms include constipation and loss in sex drive. You can also have disturbed sleep and have different aches and pains throughout your body. Social depression consists of not doing well at work, avoiding contact with people and having difficulties in your home and family life.

There are different severities to depression as it can often come on gradually and many people don’t notice something is actually wrong with them. As many do they try their hardest to cope with the symptoms and try to go on with their daily life. However, this is unfortunate for some as depression can increase and leave you unwell and needing things such as counselling. Doctors describe depression by how serious your symptoms are.

Mild depression – has some impact on your daily life
Moderate depression – has a significant impact on your daily life
Severe depression –  makes it almost impossible to get through daily life; a few people with severe depression may have psychotic symptoms

Many of us confuse grief for depression however it can be difficult to distinguish between them both as they both same many of the same characteristics, even though there are important differences between them. We would describe grief as a natural way of responding to a loss and depression as more of an illness. The main difference between them both is the way you feel. A grieving person could feel sad but that feeling comes and goes and is able to still enjoy things and look forward to the future. On the other hand, people who are depressed are always sad, they lose interest in everything and rarely think about their future.

What should you do if you believe you suffer from depression?

If you believe you suffer from depression there are not many things you could do alone. To help yourself with this illness, you need to speak to someone. Whether it is your spouse, your best friend or sibling. The best advice they could ever give you is to go see a doctor. At the doctor’s you will be offered counselling for your depression and gain support from different groups. As well as offering to counsel, your doctor may prescribe you medicine anti-depressants. Although their process isn’t fully understood they work by increasing levels of a group of chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. These are supposed to help change your mood and how you are feeling. If your symptoms are showing you have severe depression, your doctor will offer further medical help.

Do not be afraid to say you have depression, you do not have it by choice, nor are you any different from anyone else. Always remember there is always help out there!

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