When people do good they generally feel good

People that do good feel good this positively affects health and wellbeing.

Do good feel good | 50plus newsDo good feel good

“Life’s most urgent question is. What are you doing for others”¬†Martin Luther King Jnr.

Positivity in terms of the actions we perform can have a beneficial effect upon our own wellbeing and health.

Recent events in the UK have demonstrated that a common response to negative, adverse and tragic events is the generosity of spirit, and the positive behaviour shown by individuals and communities in response to a tragedy.

Manchester, London Bridge, and now Grenfell Tower in West London are human tragedies that have motivated people and communities to try and combat and balance the loss of human life and suffering with acts of kindness and selflessness, qualities that truly demonstrate the human spirit.

The support and coming together of local communities after the recent events have importance and value of itself, and for those involved, it will bring personal rewards to health and feelings of wellbeing.

It is also why so many individuals are “giving back” to society through acts of altruism and by offering their time and experience to others by taking roles as volunteers. Traditionally many volunteer roles are performed by older and retired people that can offer a wealth of life experience.

Many public services are supplemented by members of the local community in order to function, organisations such as the Ambulance service, the Police, and historically Lifeboat crews are typical examples of how many organisations and services rely upon an attitude of giving time and effort for the benefit of others.

However, the increase in the number of people giving up their own time for the benefit of others is not limited to those that have experience, the number of younger people that make up the growing numbers of volunteers is also on the increase.

Some volunteers are retired, some still work, and many begin while still at school, but as a group, they are dependable and enthusiastic about what they do. No matter the circumstances, doing good for the benefit of others can help to improve communities and make a profound difference.

Studies show that people who do good deeds enjoy a more positive outlook than those who don’t, and the natural progression of this would be to carry out as many positive deeds as one can in order to maximise your own health and wellbeing. The reality of this process is that any positive action will result in a “knock on” beneficial effect to the person acting out the positive deed.

Giving up time or performing a good deed can take many forms, one example would be a member of a lifeboat crew, while something more common is simply giving up a seat on a crowded bus! For most of us simple deeds such as giving up a seat, or helping someone carry shopping are things that we can all do which will result in an overall feeling of wellbeing and a positive effect on health.

As recent events have demonstrated acts of generosity and selflessness by helping others has a very positive effect on individuals and community, it brings people together and will help the healing process. This is a reward of itself, and for the individuals involved it can bring the added benefit feeling good about themselves. So from something as structured as becoming a volunteer to a simple act of kindness will have a positive benefit on personal health and wellbeing,

do good feel good | 50plusinfobus newsThink about your own life and what you do on a daily basis, are there  opportunities for you to help others, to offer your time and effort to make someone else smile, if so why not set a goal of performing three acts of kindness a day to see if you also begin to feel better about yourself?

Do good feel good!


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