Chronic Pain – Can You Help? Be Part of Clinical Trial

Chronic Pain – Can You Help by Being Part of this Clinical Trial?

Chronic Pain – Can You Help by Being Part of this Clinical TrialDo you know anyone who suffers from Chronic Pain? Conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can all result in consistent, enduring pain – and are much more common in men and women aged 65 and over. Just as serious as the pain itself is the toll that pain takes on a sufferer’s quality of life – tasks which we take for granted like moving, eating and sleeping can become incredibly difficult, and the feeling of being limited in life can lead to further complications like fatigue and depression.

What’s more, chronic pain sufferers often feel ignored or misunderstood because they don’t ‘look ill’. When a condition has very long term symptoms, patients can learn to manage or even hide their pain – meaning the people closest to them may not understand the extent of their illness, or know how they can help.

Covance wants to help improve the lives of people with chronic pain, and you can help if you’re healthy, aged over 65, and have some time to spare.

In June, Covance will be holding a study into a new chronic pain treatment at their clinic in Leeds, and they are looking for healthy men and women aged 65 and over to take part.

What do I have to do?

The study which takes place in June involves a long stay as a resident in the clinic – 31 days in total. During this time, you will have to stay in the clinic grounds at all times, and unfortunately no visitors are allowed, although you are free to bring mobile phones, tablets or use Covance’s PCs to keep in touch with friends and family. During the 31 day stay, there will be several doses of the study drug, as well as tests to check how the drug is travelling through your system. After the residential stay, the volunteers must return to the clinic for 6 out-patient check-ups. Covance will help to cover travel expenses for each visit to the clinic.

What’s in it for me?

While 31 days may seem a long time to be separated from your friends and family, many lasting friendships have been made at the Covance clinic! 97% of their volunteers said they would like to return for additional studies, and volunteers from across the country often arrange to take part in the same clinical trials so they can have a good catch-up.

During your stay, you’ll be looked after, kept well fed and entertained by Covance’s friendly staff. The clinic has a dedicated Recreation Room with pool, darts, Sky TV, games consoles and books, and a recreation officer who arranges quizzes, bingo, crafts and outdoor activities on the lawn.

While you’re in the clinic, you won’t need to worry about food or energy bills – 3 nutritious, home-cooked meals per day are provided at no cost to you, and on long studies like this one Covance will even do your laundry!

Is it safe?

Nothing is more important than your safety. Volunteers are looked after by a team of highly qualified Physicians and nurses at all times, and regular testing means that even the most minor effects on volunteers’ health is recognised and acted upon quickly. This particular drug has already been tested on several groups of healthy adults without any significant side effects being reported.

Before you are accepted onto a study, Covance will conduct a medical screening appointment – a bit like a full MOT for your health. If, for any reason, our Doctors feel that this study might put you at risk, you will not be allowed to take part.

Will I be paid?

All of Covance’s studies pay from £100 per day – and because this one involves a longer stay in the clinic, volunteers who complete this study will receive £4015. This payment reflects the amount of time which volunteers must commit to complete the trial – it is a lot of money, but that does not mean that the study is ‘risky’!

What do I do next?

If you are interested in taking part, or would like to find out more about what happens on a study, give Covance a call on 01133 945 200 from a mobile or 0800 591 570 from a landline, or click here to complete an application online.

Written by Simon Morris

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