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CHRIS & JIMS <br/>local clothing retailer in Birstall Wakefield

Our shop aims to serve those of us who are cuddlier than some

59 Low Lane
WF17 9EY
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CHRIS & JIMS local clothing retailer in Birstall Wakefield


Welcome to Chris & Jims. Our shop aims to serve those of us who are cuddlier than some. We are a husband and wife team, who live in Birstall. We have been together 8 years and married in Gomersal 5 years ago. As a District Nurse in the Kirklees area and later as a Care Home Manager, I noticed that people appeared to be getting bigger as I was very involved in their health care issues. I also noticed that generally, we larger than life people would often squeeze ourselves into clothes that were totally unsuitable for us. Both my husband Jim, and I, are no strangers to being on the larger size. I was always unable to get clothing for Jim, and if I did manage to get something, it invariably went into the washing machine, only to be reduced to a size that it certainly wasn’t advertised at!

Jims job never helped, he was an HGV driver for many years, so living the life on the road did him no favours as most drivers will know, with long days or nights and eating “on the run” with grabbed sandwiches, packets of crisps, chocolate and plenty of take-aways and beer when not working! !

As a nurse I often had the same trouble and had the added bonus that being female I could indulge in chocolate and cakes if I felt miserable. I also had a family history of larger ladies and have struggled and done all the dieting with no success. So……. This shop came about because when we went on holiday to Norfolk in 2012, I found a shop in Great Yarmouth that sold clothes big enough for Jim. The owner of the shop spoke to me in great detail about setting up my own shop and the seed was planted. When I decided that the Care Industry had nothing further to offer me and I became disillusioned, the idea started to take shape. There was nothing in the Kirklees area that could provide the clothing that we now provide. Our shop is unique in this area with what it has to offer. !

Chris & Jims was opened in April 2013 in Birstall. Jim and I take it in turns to be in the shop and can often be found working together on the odd occasion! We welcome everyone to come and have a look at our hard work. We provide clothing for larger ladies from size 18 up to and including size 30, for the gents we cater from 1XL up to 8XL. We have tried to keep our prices down to beat the internet offers and want people to feel that they can come and browse, try the clothes on and feel comfortable before they leave us. If we don’t have your size or length, we will try and order it for you. We promise to contact you when ordered stock comes in and will help you as much as possible when you come and visit us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you back over the coming years.

Local clothing retailer in Birstall Wakefield WF17

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  • CHRIS & JIMS <br/>local clothing retailer in Birstall Wakefield

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local clothing retailer in Birstall Wakefield