Bridges not walls – one final push for freedom

Bridges not walls – new slogan celebrated worldwide in one final push before Trump takes power

bridges not walls | over 50's newsAll across the globe, the slogan ‘bridges not walls’ is being celebrated by people of different race, gender, and religion in an attempt to make one final push towards equality before President Elect Donald Trump takes power on 20th January 2017. To coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration, protesters across the world are displaying messages of positivity on bridges. The signs are expressing solidarity with migrants and the need for equality. Trump has promised to build a wall across the Mexican border to take action on illegal immigration. These messages include ones to support women’s right’s, freedom of speech, homosexuality and immigration. Many see this activity as one last big push towards equality before Trump’s power begins to make changes in the USA and the world – not limited to the attitude of his followers.

Since his win of the election back in November, there has been a significant rise in reported hate crimes towards people of other race, gender, religion and members of the LGBT community. On the banners we have seen so far, we have seen quoted ‘NO TO SILENCE ON UK VIOLENCE! #blacklivesmatter’, ‘QUEER SOLIDARITY SMASHES BORDERS’ and even ‘there will be hell toupee, but we will over comb’, a dig at the soon-to-be presidents hair. In London, protests have been occuring up and down the river Thames, with ‘ACT NOW’ in pink letters across Tower Bridge, and flags racing up and down the Thames. Banners quoting ‘migrants welcome’ and ‘migration is older than language’ have been draped by the side of the British Parliament on Westminster Bridge. The main questions on everyone’s mind are – will Trump really build the wall to border Mexico? What effect will this have on people across the globe that are seen as not ‘normal’ by Trump’s followers?

One thing is for certain, the movement is definitely making an impact, with the quote ‘build bridges not walls’ trending on Twitter and Facebook.

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