Bored whilst travelling- Here’s how to keep it fun

Whether you’re travelling by car, boat or plane. You can use these ideas in any way you want!

travelling | over 50s travelWe all know that travelling can be boring, especially if you are by yourself, I have few ways to make your journey more enjoyable and hopefully go a bit quicker!

This one sounds silly because we are not children, however, did you know that there is an adult colouring book? It is a paperback travel book which comes with lots of different pictures to colour. Think of yourself as an artist or maybe just feeling creative, this book will feed your needs. It will make endless time seem shorter as you spend hours colouring, with beautiful anti-stress designs on quality paper, this gorgeous colouring book will help your creativity flourish. Millie Marotta is a hugely popular illustrator and her idiosyncratic drawings of the world’s wonderful creatures will draw captivate you. So enjoy yourself, pack some colouring pencils and get this fantastic book for a small price of only £3.99 and get colouring.

Do you like puzzles? Get yourself down to the pound shop before you begin your travelling and buy a book. Not just any sort of book but a puzzle book. One that is full of word searches, crosswords and sudokus. You are bound to have endless fun with one of these books as they keep our mind working and also keep you wanting more. Once you’ve completed one puzzle, you just have to carry on. I don’t go anywhere without my sudoku book, it not only makes time pass, but it also is a great way to wake up and start my day. You can take this wherever you go, just keep it in your travel bag and whenever you feel like you’re getting that little bit bored, grab your pen and your puzzle book and enjoy!

This one is for you guys that are travelling together, we all look for a game what we can all pass around and try get the highest score. Bop It! Bop It toys are a line of audio games where play consists of following a series of commands issued through speakers by the toy, which has multiple inputs including pull handles, twisting cranks, spinnable wheels, and toggle switches – with pace speeding up as the player progresses. This one will have you all at the edge of your seats whilst you fight for first place.

These are a little more difficult to find, and can only be played with a certain amount of space, but have you ever considered a travel board game? This is best to play on a train with a table as you can set up your board game. However you can buy miniature board games for travelling, you can find them on amazon or eBay. So next time you think you’re going to be on a long train ride be sure to pack a board game that you and your friends can have fun playing.

Examples: Monopoly, Pay Day, Snakes and Ladders.

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