Must-do holiday destinations in retirement

Our selection of must do holiday destinations in retirement.

Best holiday destinations in retirement | Over 50's travel newsTwo types of elderly exist all over the world. The first are those who think retirement brings their social and active life to an end. On the other hand, the second type constitutes those who consider retirement as a window that opens up a whole new world for them. People with the latter mindset do not fall victim to the increasing age and minor health issues that come with it and try to avoid any major problems by eating healthy and remaining active and social.

If you belong to the second category, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey to explore a new beautiful place of the world. Take one or few of your friends along and make them enjoy their retirement life as well. While you make preparations for the journey to celebrate your freedom, let us help you with selecting the location. Take a look at the following list that we have especially compiled for the seniors:

·       Bora Bora Island
Bora Bora Island is the ideal location for those who want a bit of adventure with the mesmerising natural beauty. Although Bora Bora is the first choice of the newlyweds for their honeymoons, it surely is in the dream destination list of everyone. So, if you have the courage and strength to do some adventure in your retirement age, head to the island of clear waters and enjoy activities like fishing, swimming and water sports, like scuba diving and snorkelling, or just bask in the sunlight at stunning blue watered beaches.

Stay in one of the beautiful hotels and resorts set over lagoons to make this trip an experience of a lifetime.

·       Spain
Spain, the historical country, is a popular destination among tourists of all age groups. Its warm climate makes it perfect for seniors as well. The country offers you a blend of several cultural attractions and the natural beauty. It has mountains, a huge coastline, and numerous cultural and historical places. Visit Cordoba, Granada, Madrid or any other place, you will surely love this beautiful city.

·       Italy
With cities like Florence, Venice and Pompeii, seniors who have a love for history can go to Italy again and again. The beauty of the country is the additional benefit. The Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Tuscany are places that worth your time. So, give yourself a treat and visit this historical and breath-taking place.

·       Munich
Best holiday destinations in retirement - munichMunich is the ideal location for elderly who have limited mobility. Frauenkirche Cathedral and English Garden are places that also allow elderly who are wheelchair bound to explore the beautiful European city.

The traditional Bavarian style houses themselves are a treat for the eyes. So, do not make your limited mobility an excuse for not traveling and head to Munich to satisfy the traveller inside you.

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