Winter breaks, have you considered any of these?

Winter breaks are lovely but where are the best places to go?

Now the dark nights have finally arrived and the weather turning I am sure you have all considered winter breaks. However the big question is where to go? Not to worry, we have some suggestions.

  • Tallinn

Tallinn is like a fairy tale that has come to life. The city has an elegant feel where opposites stand together side by side. The beautiful glass towers and grand ancient architecture compliment each other. While the darker Gothic towers emphasise streets full of brightly coloured buildings. Every winter the city’s charm shines through especially when hosting one of their multiple festivals. The most popular of these being the Christmas Jazz Festival. This festival lasts for two weeks, from the end of November to the beginning of December. Also a must see is Tallinns own Christmas Market. Tallinn is a perfect place for winter breaks.

  • New York

The New Yorwinter breaks | Over 50's holiday news and travelk winter is colder than we are used to in the UK, but despite the freezing weather the sky is clear electric blue and the sun still shines. However once it begins to snow and the ground is covered with a pure white blanket, then that is when all the magic comes to life. Straight after Thanksgiving is when the Yuletide season starts for the New Yorkers. All of the lights are turned on and all of the decorations appear in shop windows. There are also lots of activities for you to do. For the more adventerous ones you can go ice skating in one of the three ice rinks in Manhattan. However if you’re not the adventerous type then there are the beautiful Botanical Gardens. While you are there taking in a broadway musical is a must and I am sure you will find some unusual items to buy in the Fifth Avenue department stores. If you are looking for memorable winter breaks then New York is the place for you.

  • Rome

It’s not just the Mediterranean climate that draws visitors to Rome but it’s also the city’s vibrancy and energy. When it comes to deciding on where to go first, well that’s the most difficult. If you are an art lover then there are multiple museums for you to visit such as the Palazzo Altemps. In December the Piazza Navona, which is directly across from the museum becomes Romes largest Christmas Market. If you are a fan of culture then you should attend an opera at the Renzo Piano’s Auditorium where world class concerts are built around the Orchestra di Santa Cecilia. Also if you are fortunate enough to be in Rome over Christmas then don’t forget to go to the Vatican City in order to hear the Pope’s address in St Peters Square. If you prefer warmer breaks in winter but you still want the magic to be there, Rome is the destination for you.

  • Rio de Janeiro

Not a fan of the winter blues? If so then Rio de Janeiro will interest you. As December – March is their summer period the temperature can increase to 40 degrees, ideal for christmas lunch on the beach. If you love to look at eye opening architecture then take a trip down to Centro. Here one of the oldest buildings in the city has been converted into an exhibition center. The building has three theaters, a movie theater, four video rooms and a tea room. Also the New Year festival is quite a site to see with amazing fireworks and a celebration that lasts into the night. Last year around 2 million people attended this event. However if you aren’t the party type then you can shopp till you drop in Leblon where the streets are surrounded by bright vibrant colours and the people are so friendly.

  • Paris

In the winter Pairs becomes the City of fairy tales. An ice rink at the Champs Elysees remains open until the 3rd January. The nights are lit up with Christmas illuminations all throughout the town. Paris never closes down at Christmas which makes the city more magical. Enjoy your day at the Louvre Museum where amazing masterpieces are waiting to be seen. Or you can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and see all the Christmas lights and all of Paris in its beauty. You can even go to Disneyland Paris which is only 44 minuites away by train because we can’t deny it, we are all still kids at heart. You can even spend Christmas at Disneyland Paris witch most packages including dinner, entertainment and theme park entry. If you are spending Christmas in Paris then you will witness the city’s traditional french christmas markets. The little outdoor christmas villages appear all around the city with mulled wine, gingerbread men and other delights.

  • St Petersburg

Even though the city will be at its coldest it will also be at its most beautiful. The rivers ice over and the city becomes the perfect location for a romantic walk, especially on the canals. The architecture will take your breath away and so will the new year celebrations. However if you are not a fan of loud celebrations then make your way to Moskovsky Victory park where you can go ice skating and skiing in one of the largest outdoor rinks the city has to offer. The Christmas celebrations tend to continue until the 7th January and that is when the crowds come in. In order to avoid these crowds try to go in mid – December. However if you intend to stay for Russian new year then you are in for a treat. The streets fill up with everyone welcoming in the new year. There are street parties and concerts that go on well into the night.

Please let us know where you have enjoyed winter breaks in the past

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