‘Armed’ clowns terrorise the public, a craze gone too far

The ‘armed’ clowns are going to far.

Reports of clowns terrorising the public have been flooding in. At first it all seemed harmless fun but now it is going to far. Now there are ‘armed’ clowns. These clowns are appearing more and more, which is causing a panic and a problem for the police.

Two young girls were left terrified after ‘armed’ clowns climbed over their car. Alice Slattery was in the car with her two daughters Lily and Honey, who are aged 4 and 3. Alice, 28, informed police that her daughters were screaming in terror when the ‘armed’ clowns approached the car.

The clowns were armed with a machete, it hasn’t been disclosed whether the machete was real or fake. The two ‘armed’ clowns were wearing boiler suits as well as black and white clown masks. Alice said “It was like something out of a horror movie. I had just looked around to check the two girls were OK and Lily started suddenly screaming. I turned round and there was a clown laying across the bonnet.”

'armed' clowns | Over 50's lifestyle newsThis isn’t the first time that clowns have approached cars. Motorist, Kurtis Mulvaney was also approached by the same ‘armed’ clowns while waiting at traffic lights in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. He managed to get a picture of these clowns, which is shown on the left. Kurtis told police that they were carrying a machete and this whole clown situation is getting out of hand.

This new clown craze, which originally started in the US, has spread throughout the country. A member of the public spotted a clown near a cemetery in Loughborough, Leics. The victim, who wishes to remain nameless, was left terrified after their encounter. They told police “I was approached by what can only be described as a clown with an axe. I have never been so terrified in my life.”

But these ‘armed’ clowns are getting exactly what they deserve. An ‘armed’ clown was arrested in Norwich. The suspect, 30, was arrested after allegedly jumping out at a woman then chasing her.

If you see an ‘armed’ clowns, remember do not approach them. Get home as soon as possible and report the incident to the police. That way they know where the clowns are appearing and they can make arrests. There have already been several arrests made so you can have piece of mind that these people aren’t getting away with it.

What is your opinion on these ‘armed’ clowns.

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