Affordable family holidays for the over 50’s

Ideas for affordable family holidays for the over 50’s

Affordable family holidays for the over 50's | Silver surfers holiday and travel newsIt is that time of the year again when affordable family holidays come to the forefront of our thoughts. For many families this is the only time that everyone can get away together. As has become the norm, not only in this country, many resorts and holiday parks increase all holiday costs far above what can be called a reasonable rate.

Parents and to a degree grandparents have to make a conscious decision as to whether to take children out of school and risk getting a heavy fine from the authorities or overspend on the quality time they have with their families. The level of fine which is in the region of £100 per child for each parent is sometimes less than the savings that can be made by taking an out of season holiday instead of one taken in school holidays. In this instance it would made financial sense to take the children out of school to ensure that you have affordable family holidays.

If this is an impossible task due to work commitments by the parents or for exam reasons for the children, then much thought must be given as to how the whole family can get affordable family holidays together.

One of the ways this can be achieved is to take 2 or 3 short breaks at a caravan or leisure park. By leaving the decision as to where you intend going until the last few days you should be able to book your affordable break at a much reduced break. You will always find a few late cancellations in the newspapers or on the internet where the owners of the caravans etc would rather take a lower price than leave the place empty.

Even with late cancellations there should be room to barter on the price to give you an even greater saving. Never be afraid to ask the question. Camping is another option for an affordable family holiday, Camp sites are always at a reasonable cost all year round and can usually be found close to a coastal resort or town where there will be plenty of activities for the younger members of the family.

A third alternative would be to look for a few days away on a canal boat. Probably not a wise move if really young children are involved but if they are teenagers there shouldn’t be any issues with safety. From experience I can vouch for the relaxing environment I found to the point that one week on a canal boat is as restful as 2 weeks on a beach at the coast.

If you choose to book a canal boat you would be advised to go through a recognised company to book. One such company is Waterways Holidays and you can see the types of holidays and boats they have to offer by searching

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