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www.50plusinfobus.com – The Information Business for the Over 50s and Silver Surfers

Most of the best ideas come from solving problems in life that we have encountered and that is why 50plusinfobus was founded.

The website was borne from problems encountered by me, my family & friends in finding help, advice, information and local services specifically targeted to the needs of our parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles as well as fellow Silver Surfers.

Have you or members of your family ever had the problem of collecting a prescription from the Chemist or finding a local Mobile Hairdresser, Milkman, Window Cleaner or an Independent Financial Adviser who provides pension advice? Maybe you simply want information and advice on everything from where to go on Holiday, which TV should I buy or the pros and cons on Laser Eye Surgery…..

Then 50plusinfobus.com is for you!

overs 50s and silver surfers

There are various websites offering Insurance, Finance, Special Offers and Advice on a national basis for the over 50’s, but very few at a local level. We will be the leading ONE STOP SHOP for the 12MILLION SILVER SURFERS regularly surfing the internet at a national and local level.

The website is split into 2 section, The Magazine and the Local Business Directory

The Magazine
Whether you are looking for that special holiday or just a short break, then look in the TRAVEL section. As well as the special deals you would expect from a website like 50plusinfobus.com, you will also find articles on various holiday locations and information & advice on holidays for the over 50’s.

We hope you will find our FINANCIAL section helpful when renewing your insurance policies, looking for investments or just following the financial markets. Your will find articles on everything from pension advice for over 50s, to how to save money on household bill.

It can be daunting knowing which laptop or TV to buy and what’s the difference between a Bit and a Bitcoin. I this is the case then hopefully you and fellow silver surfers will find our TECHNOLOGY section useful.

In the HEALTH & BEAUTY section your will find articles on everything from the latest fashion and make-up tips to health advice for over 50s.

The Local Business Directory
Our Directory, unlike other advertising portals, offers a unique opportunity for the advertiser and end user. Only one of each type of business will be allowed to advertise in each postcode area and that business should advertise a special offer or service to the over 50’s customer. Therefore the business listed has exclusivity to that area and the end user know its a business on their doorstep.

If you require any further information about the site please feel free to contact us by email at info@50plusinfobus.com 

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